Me In A Minute🏃🏽‍♀️

Me in a minute is when we see how many exercises we can do in a minute. We are doing it to see what we are good at and what we could improve on. We are also doing it for practise with averages for maths.

I was surprised how much the wall sit hurt my legs even though it was only a minute. I wonder how much longer I could hold it for. I was happy I was above average for Train Track jumps.

I would like to improve my pushups because I only got three (yeah I know that’s really bad). I can improve by practicing and asking Mady for help because she’s really good. I hope I can get 12 in a minute next time. I would want improve on skipping because I was 25 skips below average. I’ll improve by getting a bigger skipping rope because it kept getting stuck on my hair, haha. I could also practise and ask Lulu how she got so many and how she kept count. I want to get at least 70 next time.


 Second Me In A Minute Results

Pushups: 17!!!

I did one pushups then waited 2 seconds that’s how I improved. Next time I want to get 25.

Skips: 103!!!

I got a bigger skipping rope which made it easier and it didn’t get stuck on my hair. Next time I want to get 120.

Cereal Box…

For the last 3 weeks we have been writing a biography on a famous person between 1901-1960. I chose Nancy Wake. We then had to decorate a cereal box with things about our person. You can have a look at my cereal box and biography below.

My Biography…

I really enjoyed this project because we got to make lots of things with our hands. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot about the structure of a biography. Most of all I’ve learnt so much about Nancy Wake and what an amazing person she was.  Sometimes it was really frustrating because the internet wouldn’t work or I lost something. At the end though I was really proud of what I created. Next time I will screenshot good websites so if the internet isn’t working I can still take notes. I will also have a box where I can put all of my things so I don’t lose anything.

Do you still want to know more about Nancy Wake? How could I improve and what could I of done better? Please leave me a comment.



What do you think???

As part of my rock project I am going to organise a Battle Of The Bands competition. Tell me what you think about that down below⬇️.

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