“What the….. Where’s Johnny Turk?”. “In the trenches under these logs!”.An ANZAC Tale is a memorial story about the Aussie troops that fought, died and survived at Gallipoli.

Best mates Roy, Wally and Tom enlist as soon as they hear about the the Great War. Adventure adventure is all they think. To start of their “adventure” they go to Egypt to train. They get very sweaty and sleep is essential. They find out that then heading for Turkey and Turkey won’t know what hit them. Roy, Wally and Tom are considered the lucky ones as they get to land first from their battalion. They land on the beach and their world falls apart. 7 Victorian Crosses awarded. 8000 Australians killed. Yet flies killed most.

An amazing graphic novel filled with facts, connected by friendship. Greg Holfeld does an outstanding job of showing the characters feelings. Beautifully explained for children though anybody can read. One of the best ANZAC books ever!




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