Confusing Fractions!!!

Do ever look a flag and think what are the fractions of the colours. Probably not. Anyway that is what my grade had to. After that we had to design a flag to represent the Wurundjeri people. 5/8 had to be black, 1/4 had to be blue and 1/8 had to be green.

This is what mine looked like.



We decided it would be easy to divide our flag into eights since it was 5/8, 1/8 and 1/4. This would be easiest because two of the fractions are in eighths and the other is in a quarter which we could into 2/8. But as you can probably see mine is not actually in eighths. It is in 32’s (quite a mouthful to say). This is because if we doubled eight (16) we could just covert 1/8 into 2/16.


In this investigation we learnt about the Wurundjeri tribe and fractions.

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