Oral Presentations and Suffragettes….

In our class we have all been working on an oral presentation called ‘A Day To Remember’. My oral presentation is going to be about Henrietta Dugdale. She is well known for being a suffragette (click here😜 to find out more about them) in the 1884. I am feeling totally confident with peforming my oral presentation to the class.


  1. Dear Milly,

    I loved your presentation. I liked your expression and your enthusiasm to go up there and have a go.

    From Milly

  2. Hi Milly
    I liked how you were able to try again and used a great skill when you failed but if you rehearsed more it would be done the first try

  3. Dear Milly,

    The oral presentation was great but maybe it could be a tad longer but again I was really good.

    From Ben

  4. Hi Milly
    I really enjoyed watching your presentation today. You spoke confidently and it was clear that you were very knowledgeable about this topic. Great job.
    Mrs Boyd

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