1. Hi Milly,
    The photos are amazing I wish l could be there with you right now. I really liked how you added heaps of photos to show where you are. I also liked how you made them really big so that they are big enough to see. Maybe next time you could rotate you photos so that they are all the same way. Speak soon.

    From Sophie

    1. Merci je vais avoir un beau temps quel était votre partie préférée de vos vacances l’année dernière. Je l’ai vraiment aimé la Tour Eifell et de l’Arc de Triomphe jusqu’à présent.
      Bonne chance de lire ceci, Milly

      1. Good luck indeed!

        I am guessing you walked underground to the Arc de Triomphe. I spent a bit to much time watching and laughing at the driving from the inside of the roundabout.

        My favourite part of Paris was trying to buy food at a little outdoor market. I am not sure what I asked for, but I ended up with the tomato I wanted!

        Cheers, Mr Rogers

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