1. Hey Milly!
    I really loved the way you have done your blog post for last week!! I liked how you didn’t just stick to one topic but also engaged the reader on your learning that week. Maybe next time you could have a clearer or more simple background or change the colour of the pink writing because it clashed just a bit. Otherwise it was flaw less.

    Keep up with the outstanding work

  2. Hi Milly,
    I really liked how you added a video it really set the scene for the day. I also liked how you added to things into your post that you did in that week. Speak soon.
    From Sophie

  3. Hey Milly, I liked how you wrote the information, you added the picture to make it more exiting and you made it a cool funky style to keep people interested. I also like how you added a video at the end it made your post more interactive. Maybe next time try to spread out your words a little bit more.

    Keep up with the awesome blog!

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