Me In A Minute🏃🏽‍♀️

Me in a minute is when we see how many exercises we can do in a minute. We are doing it to see what we are good at and what we could improve on. We are also doing it for practise with averages for maths.

I was surprised how much the wall sit hurt my legs even though it was only a minute. I wonder how much longer I could hold it for. I was happy I was above average for Train Track jumps.

I would like to improve my pushups because I only got three (yeah I know that’s really bad). I can improve by practicing and asking Mady for help because she’s really good. I hope I can get 12 in a minute next time. I would want improve on skipping because I was 25 skips below average. I’ll improve by getting a bigger skipping rope because it kept getting stuck on my hair, haha. I could also practise and ask Lulu how she got so many and how she kept count. I want to get at least 70 next time.


 Second Me In A Minute Results

Pushups: 17!!!

I did one pushups then waited 2 seconds that’s how I improved. Next time I want to get 25.

Skips: 103!!!

I got a bigger skipping rope which made it easier and it didn’t get stuck on my hair. Next time I want to get 120.


Last Me In A Minute

Here is our final me in a minute class mean, median and mode. Our ski squat mean has improved a tiny bit from the first time. The first time we did it our average was 59.57 seconds. This time our average was 60 seconds. This means everyone did it for the whole time. Our only average that went down was squats. The first time it was 55.1 and this time it was 51.8. I think the reason it went down was because we probably didn’t do them properly the first time. Our average for average for balls in target doubled. The first time we got 9.1 and this we got 20.5!


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