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The Amazing…Spectacular…Mind-blowing…Earth


imageA mind map…in space??? Yeah, I know, crazy! But it still shows my learning about mind maps and the amazing earth.

My learning about mind maps:

• Branches get thinner as they go out.

• Each main branch should be a different colour to the others.

• The writing should be mainly horizontal.

• Only use a word or a short phrase.

• Include small diagrams.



To find out what I learned about the earth, click on my mind map.





Powerful Symbols for wartime…

There are many symbols that represent wartime. Our school has 2 powerful symbols, a poppy tree and a Gallipoli Oak Tree. We were very lucky to be one of the schools that received a Gallipoli Oak. These trees remind me of the soldiers that fought for our country and the grieving families. I am very grateful for their efforts as today I can live safely and happily. To find out more click here.





Maths D..a..s..h

Write, write as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the maths dash girl (it doesn’t work does it)!

My maths goal is to be able to not to get 70,80 or 90 but 100% on my maths dash sheet (B5). I will do this by getting mum and dad to test me often.

My evidence for achieving this goal will be the photo of my B5 maths dash sheet 100% right.



A maths dash



Day and Night

How does day and night happen???  That was a question we had to answer by drawing a diagram. The before photo shows before we had learnt about day and night. As you can probably see I didn’t know much. If you have a look at my after photo you will see the correct explanation of how day and night happen. If you would like to know more about day and night click here.

Renditions and Interviews…

image“Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong…..” All of the year 4’s had just begun singing Waltzing Matilda. Me, being one of them. Everybody’s chorused voices together, though it was a touch out of tune! We were at Warrina (a retirement village).

Once we had finished singing, each class performed their marvellous rendition of a Banjo Paterson poem. Our class was of course the best!

Afterwards we got to interview one of the residents. The lady interviewed was Doris. She was an older woman, about 80 years old. Doris was a cheerful lady, though she was very quiet.

Here are some of the questions I asked her.

Me: Why were you given your first name?
Doris: Because my mother liked it!

Me: What job did you have when you were younger?
Doris: I used to make envelopes for families so they could send letters to the soldiers fighting in the war.



Confusing Fractions!!!

Do ever look a flag and think what are the fractions of the colours. Probably not. Anyway that is what my grade had to. After that we had to design a flag to represent the Wurundjeri people. 5/8 had to be black, 1/4 had to be blue and 1/8 had to be green.

This is what mine looked like.



We decided it would be easy to divide our flag into eights since it was 5/8, 1/8 and 1/4. This would be easiest because two of the fractions are in eighths and the other is in a quarter which we could into 2/8. But as you can probably see mine is not actually in eighths. It is in 32’s (quite a mouthful to say). This is because if we doubled eight (16) we could just covert 1/8 into 2/16.


In this investigation we learnt about the Wurundjeri tribe and fractions.

Term 3 Learning Goals

Organisation is one of the You Can Do It habits. Organisers must set goals to be successful. There are short term and long term goals. Short term goals are like the stepping stones to achieving your long term goal.

To enjoy and get better at my reading
-I will record evidence sometimes.
-I will infer to help me understand.
-I will choose books that interest me.
-I will also choose books with a complicated plot.

To investigate Pythagoras.
-Find two websites that are easy for me to understand.
-Choose what maths of his to investigate.
-Test his maths to prove it is true.

Learning behaviour:
Work to the best of my ability.
-Be prepared to try hard.
-I will always check the criteria for me.
-Be part of conversations and share my work for feedback.


Sunshine in my Mind

What is a quote? A saying, a paragraph that sticks in the back of your mind. Or maybe is just some writing that makes you think deeply. Well I found a quote that made me do just that.



The reason I believe this quote is wonderful is because it has its meaning in everyday life.

This quote means that never judge a person by their looks, a book by its cover because it is what’s on the inside that counts.

Building bridges…..brilliant


Do you know how to build bridges? Lauren’s Pa (John) does. He works on many types of bridges. He came into class to talk about the materials he uses and the way he puts them together.

I learnt that having strong piers helps strengthen the bridge and a brace between the piers makes it extra strong. I also learnt that having a deck is essential. I will use this information in my bridge building challenge.