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Maths D..a..s..h

Write, write as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the maths dash girl (it doesn’t work does it)!

My maths goal is to be able to not to get 70,80 or 90 but 100% on my maths dash sheet (B5). I will do this by getting mum and dad to test me often.

My evidence for achieving this goal will be the photo of my B5 maths dash sheet 100% right.



A maths dash



Term 3 Learning Goals

Organisation is one of the You Can Do It habits. Organisers must set goals to be successful. There are short term and long term goals. Short term goals are like the stepping stones to achieving your long term goal.

To enjoy and get better at my reading
-I will record evidence sometimes.
-I will infer to help me understand.
-I will choose books that interest me.
-I will also choose books with a complicated plot.

To investigate Pythagoras.
-Find two websites that are easy for me to understand.
-Choose what maths of his to investigate.
-Test his maths to prove it is true.

Learning behaviour:
Work to the best of my ability.
-Be prepared to try hard.
-I will always check the criteria for me.
-Be part of conversations and share my work for feedback.


Term 2 2015 Learning Goal


Today we chatted about setting a long term learning goal. But how do you know if it is a short term or long term goal? Well, a short term goal is easier to achieve and doesn’t take as long to achieve. As for a long term goal you have to apply more effort and it takes longer to achieve. The goals I will set today will include goals about Maths, English and my Learning Behaviour.

My You Can Do It! (YCDI!) goal is to be able to use organising skills. But not for myself! Instead I’m going to focus on an event that includes a big group of people. To achieve this I will organise an event that will be hopefully successful. The event I have chosen is “The Biggest Morning Tea”. This event will help raise money for cancer.

In English I will concentrate on using a more powerful vocabulary when communicating and writing. To do this I will improve my writing by searching for synonyms to look for more powerful words. By doing this I will learn new words that I can use when speaking.

My effort in maths will focus on the Maths Olympiad. On Tuesday I will go to Mr Bell and complete the Maths Olympiad. I will practice at home and at school. I know all the problem solving strategies. The thing I have to focus on though is matching the problem to the best strategy.


Farmer Duck Learning Goal

I am in year 4. My teacher just read me a picture story book! We read a book called Farmer Duck. We read to try and uncover some hidden messages.

Farmer Duck is about a lazy farmer who bosses around a innocent duck. Duck’s friends put together a plan to get rid of the bossy farmer. The plan was successful and they got rid of the lazy farmer. The friends then run the farm happily!

This term I am going to challenge myself to a message (from Farmer Duck) to set as a learning goal. This goal will help me most to improve being successful. My goal is to think carefully before trying to solve a puzzle.