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Maths D..a..s..h

Write, write as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the maths dash girl (it doesn’t work does it)!

My maths goal is to be able to not to get 70,80 or 90 but 100% on my maths dash sheet (B5). I will do this by getting mum and dad to test me often.

My evidence for achieving this goal will be the photo of my B5 maths dash sheet 100% right.



A maths dash



Confusing Fractions!!!

Do ever look a flag and think what are the fractions of the colours. Probably not. Anyway that is what my grade had to. After that we had to design a flag to represent the Wurundjeri people. 5/8 had to be black, 1/4 had to be blue and 1/8 had to be green.

This is what mine looked like.



We decided it would be easy to divide our flag into eights since it was 5/8, 1/8 and 1/4. This would be easiest because two of the fractions are in eighths and the other is in a quarter which we could into 2/8. But as you can probably see mine is not actually in eighths. It is in 32’s (quite a mouthful to say). This is because if we doubled eight (16) we could just covert 1/8 into 2/16.


In this investigation we learnt about the Wurundjeri tribe and fractions.