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Sunshine in my Mind

What is a quote? A saying, a paragraph that sticks in the back of your mind. Or maybe is just some writing that makes you think deeply. Well I found a quote that made me do just that.



The reason I believe this quote is wonderful is because it has its meaning in everyday life.

This quote means that never judge a person by their looks, a book by its cover because it is what’s on the inside that counts.

Farmer Duck Learning Goal

I am in year 4. My teacher just read me a picture story book! We read a book called Farmer Duck. We read to try and uncover some hidden messages.

Farmer Duck is about a lazy farmer who bosses around a innocent duck. Duck’s friends put together a plan to get rid of the bossy farmer. The plan was successful and they got rid of the lazy farmer. The friends then run the farm happily!

This term I am going to challenge myself to a message (from Farmer Duck) to set as a learning goal. This goal will help me most to improve being successful. My goal is to think carefully before trying to solve a puzzle.