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My Magnificent Marvellous Morning Tea!

My smile feels like it is lighting up the whole room. I can’t believe this Biggest Morning Tea has been successful! A great weight lifts of my shoulders. Oh no! I’ve still got my speech to do………………….phew! The speech is over! Now the even bigger weight is lifted of my shoulders. It was so difficult organising this morning tea, yet I learnt so much.

The past couple of weeks I have been organising an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. I wrote letters to some local shops asking for a donation. From the fruit shop I got a huge box of fruit and from Coles I got a 20$ gift voucher to spend on ingredients.

Cancer came to my family and my life when my Aunty Sal was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Sadly some years ago she passed away. This is why holding a biggest morning tea is very important to me.

Combined with everyone’s donation we raised as whopping amount of  $361 for this well worth cause. It shows that if everybody donates a little bit it can add up to make a huge difference.

While organising the biggest morning tea I learnt that if you try to do all the work by yourself, you won’t get as much done. But if you work in little teams the quantity of the work you get done is incomparable.

Boogie Wonderland


I feel laughter bubbling up inside me. Suddenly it bursts out. Overflowing like a soft drink you have shaken. My laughter becomes contagious, infecting everyone around me. I am on the New Gisborne Primary School dance stage!

In Performing Arts (Term 1) every single grade in the whole entire school made brilliant, amazing, outstanding and superb dances. Our grade were dazzling cute little penguins! Miss Wencel was a great dance teacher and the night was a blast!





Whirrrrrrrr goes my brain. I’m in the middle of spelling Villers-Bretonneux! At least I’ve practiced heaps on the A+ Spelling app………………. Finally. Done. Yes!

As you can see above I got 100% on the Spellathon spelling test! The really really good thing about that is my goal was to get 100%!