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The Amazing…Spectacular…Mind-blowing…Earth


imageA mind map…in space??? Yeah, I know, crazy! But it still shows my learning about mind maps and the amazing earth.

My learning about mind maps:

• Branches get thinner as they go out.

• Each main branch should be a different colour to the others.

• The writing should be mainly horizontal.

• Only use a word or a short phrase.

• Include small diagrams.



To find out what I learned about the earth, click on my mind map.





Day and Night

How does day and night happen???  That was a question we had to answer by drawing a diagram. The before photo shows before we had learnt about day and night. As you can probably see I didn’t know much. If you have a look at my after photo you will see the correct explanation of how day and night happen. If you would like to know more about day and night click here.