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Building bridges…..brilliant


Do you know how to build bridges? Lauren’s Pa (John) does. He works on many types of bridges. He came into class to talk about the materials he uses and the way he puts them together.

I learnt that having strong piers helps strengthen the bridge and a brace between the piers makes it extra strong. I also learnt that having a deck is essential. I will use this information in my bridge building challenge.

Lighthouse Challenge

Seriously! Again! Mr Rogers! Annoying! Mr Rogers our teacher MADE us make a 1 metre tall lighthouse! Oh, and wait there’s more. We had to make it out of newspaper! With only 1 metre of masking tape and pass the stormy test!!!

Before we started to build we learnt about the first lighthouse ever built, the Shipwreck Coast of Victoria and 3D shapes that are strong.

Very very surprisingly we passed! Whooo!

On the next building challenge I will: use light, strong cylinders in triangles and make sure we plan better.